Process Of A Funeral

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If you are worried about something…

Please send us an email for consultation first.

When the lost came…

You can give us a call at anytime, we will come right away.

We will pick up the deceased from the hospital and send him to requested place by the sleeping car. (Basically, it will take about an hour for us to come)


Customer can choose to let the deceased rest at home or the enshrinement room of our company.

Until the funeral ceremony, we will let the decreased rest in an enshrinement room decorated based on customer's religion. Sun-life will prepare private enshrinement room so that even people who could not go back home for some reasons, still can be at ease

Important points of enshrinement

Time for customer to prepare your mind for the moment of farewell. By transfering from hospital or where your precious one lost his life to a place to rest, you can setle down your feelings for the first time after the lost. Through this time, you can prepare your feelings for the time of saying the last farewell to your beloved one.

Encoffining ritual

Place the deceased in casket.

At the time of the funeral ritual, we pray for a peaceful journey and dress up the deceased one, then let him rest in the casket.

The Wake ceremony

All family members and funeral's attendants will spend the last night with the deceased one.

Before the funeral ceremony, there will be the night before funeral ceremony (the wake) organized, everyone will tell their memories and feelings toward the deceased one. Also, according to the family's intention, everyone will spend the last night together.

Food-serving on the Wake ceremony

We would like to prepare freshly food with our best hospitality to all the guest who attended to the funeral.

The dinning also have the meaning of precious time to remember about the deceased. Each one of our food will be cooked in kitchen, and we are gladly to serving the freshly made food to all the guests.

Funeral ceremony (Farewell time)

Through the courtersy ceremony, farewell to the last journey

You will saying your last farewell to your precious one through a courtesy ceremony.The professinal qualified funeral director of Sun-life will support your last goodbye moment wholeheartedly.

Funeral procession (Carrying casket out)~Cremation

Sending the deceased to Crematory, cremate the body.

Please don't worry, because Sun-life's staff will be next to you to support no matter it is when moving to the crematory by the Hearse, or while waiting at the crematory.

Mourning Period

The first seven days Buddhist memorial gathering will be organized.

In common way, after the cremation, the remained bones are enshrined, and the first seven days Buddhist memorial gathering will be held in the same day. After the first seven day gathering, some food will be offered to the attendants of the funeral, and through the meeting, everyone will looks back and remember memories about the deceased.

The after-funeral decoration

Let the remained bones enshrined at home, and we will help to prepare all the set-up after funeral.

Until the 49 days ritual or burial, depending on your religion, we will help to prepare arrangment for the after-funeral decoration at your house. And also the after-funeral preparation and procedure.

Memorial service (Death anniversary/ Buddhist altar service)

Through the memorial service after funeral ceremony, memories about the deceased continue to be remembered. After the funeral ceremony, starting from the 49 days ritual, the memorial service will be continued to the first or even the second death anniversary. Sun-life group includes the hotel which have the designated hall used for the death anniversary, and we will steadily support to with your presious one 's death anniversary too.


We will help to prepare a peaceful place for the deceased to rest. The burial of the remained bones will be held according to customer's wish.

Beside being placed in the grave, Sun-life also offers assistance in “Natural funerals” that return the remains to nature such as the sea and mountains.

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